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Why is rearward facing horse transportation important?

Mainly for the safety and health of the horse. Studies have shown that stress levels are reduced in horses traveling in opposite direction of travel. If the vehicle has to brake hard, the horse's weight is transferred to it's hind legs, which are stronger than its front legs and so helps to keep it stable and less likely to panic. Research also indicates that horses traveling facing backwards show a more stable and consistent heartbeat than those traveling facing forwards.

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Do I need a special licence to drive one of your horseboxes?

No. All our horseboxes can be driven on a conventional car licence.

Do the horseboxes have special servicing requirements?

No. The basic mechanics of our horseboxes remain unaltered from its original manufacture, which means that any garage or dealer with the required tools can service them.

How long does the conversion take?

Standard conversions are normally completed in 2-3 weeks. More complex conversions may take a little longer.

I have already own a van I would like converted can you do that?

Yes, we are more than happy to convert a vehicle you already have. Prices for conversions only start from £6,500 (inc VAT) depending on your requirements.

How many passengers will the van carry?

The converted vans will carry the driver plus two passengers in the cab only.

What colours are available?

We are able to match any colour of your choice and this is included in the standard price. Metallic paint is also available at an additional cost of £200.

Can you convert vans other then the Master and the Movano?

Yes, although we work primarily with the Movano and Master models, conversions are possible with a selection of other makes of van.

I only have one horse, does this effect the balance of the vehicle?

Although there is a difference in weight distribution the effect on the overall handling is hardly noticeable

Do you perform any other types of customisation?

Yes MD Horseboxes is part of M&D Specialised Commercials who have over 25 years experience working in the Coach Building industry. Click here for information on our commercial work


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